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We know that there are many firms and individuals who prepare tax returns. However our experience over the years has shown that there are also many so called tax professionals who are preparing tax returns without taking the time to ask all of the right questions. There are some who do not care about longevity with clients and who perform unethical acts that go against the rules of taxation. We have had many clients come to us to fix these problems. We are very proud of being a firm that prepares your taxes with the hopes of maintaining a long term relationship with you. We will not prepare your taxes in any manner that may contravene tax laws because we do not want you to suffer in the long run. Trust us to ensure we maximize your allowable tax credits and use appropriate tax strategies that will maximize your refund or reduce your tax payable.

Our team offers individualized attention to help you prepare your tax returns with meticulous focus and care. We ask you every possible question and provide a tax questionnaire to highlight issues that will help you see areas you may not have considered that you are able to claim. We are a registered efiler with the CRA and will efile your taxes and GST/HST returns. If needed we can help you set up your business and HST accounts. We also provide complimentary ongoing support for the tax returns we have prepared should there be any queries or post assessment reviews requested by the CRA.

Let us take the responsibility and save you the worry and stress of dealing with the CRA. Our fees are very competitive and our service does not end with filing your taxes as we focus on you continuing with us each year.


Corporate taxation is much more complicated than individual tax preparation and should be handled carefully. Our firm has many years of experience in preparing Corporate tax returns. We always advise you of various tax laws and carefully study and choose tax strategies to benefit your company. We ensure that you meet your required deadlines of six months after your fiscal year end date to file your Corporate taxes and to pay any taxes due within the specified three months after year end.

Our fees are very small for filing inactive Corporation taxes. Our services include but are not limited to filing returns for:

  1. Not-For-Profit organizations
  2. Service Organizations
  3. Manufacturing

With today’s technology our firm is able to work virtually with clients in any location. Email or call us today and you will experience our friendly, reasonable and excellent service.


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