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Tax Preparation

Our Firm specializes in preparing Corporate (T2) Tax returns in Canada for companies in every sector, as well as individual (T1) tax returns and T3 Trust returns.

For Corporate tax returns, we boast over 20 years of experience in preparing and filing these returns and advising clients about dividends versus salary strategies, capital dividends, and utilizing refundable dividend accounts. We will prepare and file your T5 slips and prepare your tax returns utilizing the best tax software and the best tax strategies to minimize your tax payable as much as possible.

Personal tax return preparations involve ensuring that the individual utilizes as many tax credits as available to minimize tax payable or receive tax refunds. Our focus is always to deal with each client carefully, understand the given situation on a case-by-case basis, and discuss it with each client. We can assure you that your tax returns will be given very detailed attention. We also prepare and file T4 summaries and advise clients on RRSP contributions, etc., and strategies to ensure that they receive the maximum benefits.

We also prepare final returns for deceased individuals and can handle and plan on property disposals considering principal residence exemptions. We also talk with clients to ensure that we make their lives easier by dealing with the final returns of their loved ones. We also prepare and file T3 Trust returns for Trusts, including preparing and filing T3 slips for Trusts, and advise on new filing rules regarding Trusts.

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